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10 Great Restaurants In Lagos, Nigeria
Restaurants In Lagos-NIG


As the most populous city in Nigeria, Lagos is one of Africa’s most eclectic mega-cities and the country’s definitive city of culture, thanks to its art, music and culinary scene. Here are 10 places to get a taste of Lagos.

© Zouzou Wizman/WikiCommons/Flickr

Villa Medici

Celebrating Lagos’ European culinary influences is Villa Medici. This restaurant has been developing its reputation and status in Lagos for the last 15 years and, as a result, has become a favorite among locals. The menu has a French influence, with frogs’ legs and escargots a la bourguignonne among the highlights of les hors d’oeurve. These continental dishes are perfectly accompanied by an extensive drinks menu of wines and cocktails. There are also al fresco and private dining options for a memorable Lagos dining experience.


Restaurant, Fusion, Asian

Metisse Restaurant, Lagos
Metisse Restaurant, Lagos | Courtesy of Metisse
Métisse brings a fusion of Asian flavors to Lagos as the first and only pan-Asian restaurant in the city. It is situated on the second floor of the AIM Plaza, between its sibling restaurants Café Royal and Chocolat Royal. With its sea-themed décor and exotic food and cocktail menu, Métisse achieves its aim of blending the tastes of Asia with the seascapes of Lagos. Chilli prawn and Mongolian beef are menu highlights and there is often live music to accompany the

Terra Kulture

Lagos’ premier arts, education and food centre, Terra Kulture has been a leading promoter of Nigerian culture since 2004. The food court at Terra Kulture celebrates the very best of Nigerian cuisine, offering an ample choice of locally grown and traditional gastronomic delights, such as the ofada rice, catfish and boiled yam or plantain. Not only is the food quintessentially Nigerian, but so is the food court’s décor of hand-crafted wooden furniture, and even the waiter’s uniforms. When visitors have finished dining, they can view the rich Nigerian art on display in the adjoining gallery space by travelling across the bridge located in the restaurant.

The Jazzhole

Away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos is an oasis of calm called The Jazzhole. A trinity of culture, The Jazzhole is an iconic record shop, a renowned bookshop, and a café. The café offers nearly forty varieties of tea in individual tin teapots and complements them with freshly made sandwiches and cakes. The Jazzhole invites visitors to sit back, relax and escape chaotic city life, often with the help of live jazz and soul performances.

The Jazzhole, 168 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. +234 702 559 5697

Eko Sky Restaurant and Lounge

A great way to take a break from the busy streets of Lagos is the Sky Restaurant and Lounge at the Eko Hotel, the highest restaurant in the city. With unbeatable views of the city and the Atlantic Ocean, the Sky Restaurant and Lounge takes diners on a round-the-world tour, with Nigerian, Asian, European and North American food available. The cuisine is complemented by a delectable wine and cocktail range. This, combined with the restaurant’s tranquil atmosphere, means the Sky Restaurant and Lounge should be at the top of any visitor’s list.

The Yellow Chilli

Offering traditional African dishes with a contemporary twist is one of Lagos’ newest restaurants, The Yellow Chilli. For those feeling adventurous, The Yellow Chilli’s menu offers exciting options such as Isi-Ewu, which is goats head pieces drizzled with a spicy palm oil broth, and a yam pottage special with beef and snail. There are also continental plates available, resulting in a diverse menu that fuses the very best of local and international gastronomy. With two bars, a large dining area, a smaller private room and a terrace, The Yellow Chilli caters for any Lagos visitor’s gastronomic needs.

Bungalow Restaurant

Restaurant, Japanese, American, Sushi,

Bungalow's, Lagos
Bungalow's, Lagos | Courtesy of Bungalow Restaurant
Since 2004, Bungalow Restaurant has been bringing the best of global gastronomy to Lagos, from pizzas to burgers to crepes and fajitas. There is also live jazz music every Thursday, which contributes to the restaurant’s lively atmosphere. The restaurant has a modern twist too, as food is ordered from iPads located at the table.

Veggie Victory

Restaurant, Healthy, Vegetarian, Vegan
Veggie Victory, Lagos
Veggie Victory, Lagos | Courtesy of Veggie VictoryVeggie Victory
Veggie Victory is one of Lagos’ first vegan and vegetarian restaurants, with authentic Nigerian food and flavors at the heart of their ethos. The chefs at Veggie Victory reveal their innovation through their culinary creations, using tofu and wheat protein to produce meatless versions of traditional Nigerian and North African dishes, such as suya and shawarma. The restaurant promotes healthy eating, with no soft drinks featured on the menu, replaced by ‘smoochies’, which are a blend of seasonal fruits.

The Best Seafood Restaurants in Lagos Island, Nigeria
The Best Seafood Restaurants in Lagos Island, Nigeria


The Best Seafood Restaurants in Lagos Island, Nigeria

Seafood delights
Seafood delights | © Florence Luong / Flickr

Lagos is surrounded by water, making it a haven for some of the freshest fish, crab, cod, shrimps, calamari, and prawns among other delights. If you’re planning a trip and want to know where to enjoy the best seafood dishes in town, take a look at our pick of the best spots around.

Ocean Basket, Victoria Island

Restaurant, Seafood, $$$
Ocean Basket | ©

The contemporary family oriented ambience of Ocean Basket makes it a great place to enjoy a variety of seafood in Lagos. The menu has a reputation of having some of the best stir-fry salmon, juicy prawns and delicious calamari rings. Enjoy a peaceful ambience in addition to pleasant customer service and great food, as you wine and dine with your friends and family.

Talindo Steak House, Victoria Island

Restaurant, Seafood, European, Steakhouse, $$$
Rimini with seafood | © Talindo Steak House

Say hello to the second most-visited restaurant for the second time in two years. Talindo Steak House is notable for its fine dining experience which makes for an intimate setting. Be entertained with good music and an impressive collection of fine wine as you enjoy a variety of seafood, European and steak dishes.

The Sky Restaurant, Eko Hotel Victoria Island

Hotel Restaurant, Restaurant, Seafood, European, Vegetarian, Asian, $

Fine dining | © Eko Hotel

Dining at the tallest penthouse in Eko Hotel and one of the highest restaurants in the city of Lagos, while overlooking the beautiful metropolis and Eko Atlantic City is a must-have experience. The Sky Restaurant offers a wide range of seafood, as well as international, European and vegetarian-friendly cuisines. Dine in style as you watch the sunset right before your eyes.

B.L. Restaurant

Restaurant, Seafood, Bulgarian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Middle Eastern, $$$
Bulgarian fish | © B.L. Restaurant
B.L. Restaurant may be the ideal place for Bulgarian and Lebanese cuisines in Victoria Island, Lagos, but its wide range of delicious seafood, barbecues and hummus is undeniable. From a welcoming ambience, to the excellent customer service, and mouthwatering meals, this spot is the place to be.

Sailor's Lounge, Lekki

Bar, Restaurant, Seafood, Salad Bar, Mediterranean, $$$
Night out | © Sailor's Lounge

If you love Venice, Ibiza or the Greek islands then Sailor’s Lounge is the place for you. This tastefully furnished, relaxing and adventurous lounge with the ambience of a sea view is home to the first floating bar built on water in Nigeria. It boasts of three sections; Sailor’s Bar, Captain’s Cabin and Captain’s Deck. it is specifically tailored to capture the experience of floating atop the ocean for an unrivaled experience. Enjoy a variety of seafood options as you unwind in the beautiful Lekki location while listening to cool live music.

Brazzerie Restaurant, Victoria Island

Hotel Restaurant, Seafood, Contemporary, French
3506146603_8563a201dd_z (1)
Dinner | Dinner

Located in the sensational Four Points Hotel by Sheraton, Brazzerie Restaurant satisfies your craving for a tasty seafood menu in Lagos. Styled much like a French brasserie, the restaurant gives off a 1920s vibe. Indulge in a splendor of seafood every Friday evening, as they offer a vast selection of themed special delicacies. It is also a highly recommended go-to place for a filling buffet experience with family and friends, serving an extensive variety of both local and international dishes.

I'm a Vegetarian-Philippines


Vegetarian-friendly travel trips

There’s no better way to experience a local culture than through its food. You can discover so much about a country’s history and values by how people prepare food and utilize the resources around them.

However, that isn’t always easy when you have dietary restrictions. I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 21 years, and have been traveling for just as long. And while I try my best to sample all kinds of local food, sometimes I have to get creative.

After visiting 45 countries, I’ve tried everything from translating my dietary restrictions in Google Translate and then taking a screenshot, to trying to learn specific words for things — like fish sauce (looking at you, Thailand) — in another language, to stealing instant ramen from the plane to cook with boiling water when there was nothing else (sorry, not sorry).

But sometimes you come across a destination or excursion where you don’t have to worry and can eat anything in sight. That scenario isn’t just a luxurious vegetarian pipe dream, it’s a reality in many destinations throughout the world. Whether it’s an all-vegetarian resort, a vegan food tour through a country that isn’t very vegan-friendly, or simply a destination where you’ll find food everywhere you turn — there’s something for everyone.

Here are 12 can’t-miss trips that every vegetarian should take.

Street food hopping in Delhi

Vegetarian-friendly travel trips

India is one of the most vegetarian-friendly countries in the world, with a large chunk of the country eschewing meat for religious reasons. In India, vegetarian food is available everywhere you look (and packaged foods are even labeled with red or green dots to indicate if they are vegetarian or not). But to get a true taste of the country, you have to try the street food.

Head out on a culinary walking tour of Old Delhi with Delhi Food Walks for a flurried jaunt through the noisy and busy streets of the city and a whirlwind tasting of aloo chaat (fried potato with spicy and tangy chutneys), paratha stuffed with potatoes or cottage cheese, and crunchy jalebis that burst with sugary syrup when you bite into them. (The entire tour is not vegetarian, but options abound at nearly every stop.)

Vegan food tour of Thailand

Vegetarian-friendly travel trips

In Thailand, they put fish sauce in everything — well nearly everything, at least. And for a vegetarian, that can be very difficult. Thankfully, there’s a tour that takes the guesswork out of eating in this Southeast Asian country and allows you to actually enjoy the food (because mango sticky rice is delicious, but sometimes you want non-fish sauce laden noodles).

Embark on an eight-day tour with Intrepid Travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to taste wing bean salad, tofu red curry, and coconut rice pancakes as you take in the country’s culinary history — vegan style.

Eating well in Reykjavik

Vegetarian-friendly travel trips

When you think of food in Iceland, you may think of fermented shark or dried fish jerky — neither of which sound particularly appetizing and are definitely not vegetarian. But don’t fear, vegan-friendly food is very easy to find in Reykjavik and is available on the menus of some of the coolest spots in town.

The inventive vegetable maki at Fish Market, one of the most well-known restaurants in the city, will blow you away — they put crushed garlic on the outside of the roll when I visited and even though it doesn’t sound like it would work, trust me, it does. The vegan tasting menu at Kol (featuring a nut steak with dill apples and a lemon vinaigrette) is the perfect compliment to the inventive cocktails (try the Wokou gimlet with coconut-washed vodka, yuzu cordian, grapefruit, and lime). And while eating in Reykjavik is pricey in general, these innovative takes on veggie-forward cuisine are well worth the price.

Mediterranean feasts in Tel Aviv

Vegetarian-friendly travel trips

Israeli cuisine tends to be inherently vegetarian-friendly with staples like hummus, falafel, and shakshuka. The country also happens to have some of the freshest and best-tasting produce I’ve ever had, where a tomato tastes like a tomato and a head of slow-roasted cauliflower tastes the way cauliflower should.

In Tel Aviv, you can stop at nearly any restaurant and find something that is vegetarian on the menu, whether it’s tangy pickles added to a falafel sandwich or a salad of tabbouleh. But you shouldn’t miss the pizza with black pepper, crème fraîche, and a hint of tomato at North Abraxass (trust me, it’s oddly addictive and something I still can’t stop thinking about) or the hummus at Abu Hassan (be prepared to wait for a table). Later, pickup some honey-soaked baklava from the bustling and hectic Carmel Market.

Vegan-friendly cruising

Vegetarian-friendly travel trips

Cruising can be difficult for vegans, especially if the idea of eating pasta or simple (i.e. boring) salads the entire time doesn’t appeal to you. Luckily, some cruises are starting to add plant-based options to their menus that are inventive and flavorful as well as — most importantly — varied.

In May, Regent Seven Seas Cruises announced that they will be adding more than 200 “gourmet plant-based selections” starting in October. On this cruise, you can sample falafel fritters with harissa mayo, a wild mushroom tart with red pepper coulis, or an “Impossible” cheeseburger, before indulging in a peach-and-blueberry cobbler with cornmeal-almond topping. So, go explore exotic destinations and relaxing beaches before heading back to the luxurious ship and a delicious (and vegan-friendly) meal.

Vegan hotel on the California coast

Vegetarian-friendly travel trips

Going to an all-vegetarian restaurant can take the guesswork out of navigating a menu, but staying at an all-vegan hotel makes thing even easier. Stay at the Stanford Inn by the Sea on the Mendocino coast (about 150 miles from San Francisco) for relaxation and creative — but vegan — cuisine. Rent a canoe or bicycle before settling in next to the wood-burning fireplace in your room with your furry friend (pets are welcome). Then, head to the hotel’s restaurant where you can start your meal with smoked and shredded Trumpet Royale mushroom tacos with pineapple cruda before diving into a plate of roasted red bell pepper and sun-dried tomato tofu ricotta ravioli with garlic caper marinara.

Wine tasting in the North Fork

Vegetarian-friendly travel trips

Believe it or not, not all wine is vegan-friendly. In fact, wine can be processed with things like gelatin or egg whites as a way of fining the wine, which is part of the clarification process. At Shinn Estate Vineyards on Long Island’s North Fork, however, they list the ingredients right on the label — including the bentonite, or clay, they use to fine the wine.

The vineyard’s bed-and-breakfast, The Inn, boasts idyllic plush beds in a restored 1880s farmhouse, home-baked chocolate chip cookies, breakfast with made-to-order waffles, and lush grounds to enjoy all that vegan-friendly wine.

Food halls in Florence

Vegetarian-friendly travel trips

Food halls tend to be a vegetarian’s friend since there is so much to choose from — and in Italy, that feeling is doubled. Italy is a foodie paradise with perfectly al dente pasta and crisp and chewy pizzas everywhere you look — and many dishes can be veganized by simply withholding the cheese.

At Mercato Centrale in Florence, options abound. Personally, I would trek back to the Italian city just to eat the white-truffle pasta from Il Tartufo Luciano Savini, probably the best plate of pasta I’ve ever had with mounds of thinly shaved white truffles and a decadent, creamy sauce. (And on a paper plate for about $30 you can’t lose.) Next, bite into the crunchy pizza bianca bread with garlicky, spicy greens (the misticanza alla romana is a seasonal flavor) at Trapizzino or dig into a pizza marinara without the cheese.

Made from scratch on a safari

Vegetarian-friendly travel trips

A safari can be a life-changing experience: for me, watching the wildebeest cross into the Serengeti from Kenya — practically in a single-file line, no less — was one of the most breathtaking natural phenomenons I’ve ever had the fortune to witness.

Many safari packages are also inclusive of meals, something that has the possibility of making vegetarians nervous — a buffet can mean lots of mystery ingredients. But the good news is that all the hotels I went to in Kenya made everything from scratch, or to order. That meant I was able to find out the ingredients of every item to determine exactly which were vegetarian. So, enjoy your animal spotting, and your breakfast waffles too.

Vegan wellness retreat in the Philippines

Picture waking up underneath a Philippine rice barn with wood-beam ceilings and a thatched roof or taking a dip in your own pool from the comfort of your private villa. It sounds heavenly, but it’s the reality at the luxury vegan resort The Farm at San Benito, just over 50 miles from the capital of Manila. It also happens to be one of the best places in the world to unplug.

Take a complimentary vegan food class, indulge in a vegan meal with ingredients that are hand-picked from the resort’s organic garden, and pamper yourself with holistic treatments like Tibetan steam therapy and guided meditation.

All-vegan retreat in Bali

Watch the river flow by from your private pool and take an outdoor shower surrounded by the sounds of nature at Fivelements, Bali’s vegan retreat. The menu at the Bali resort features raw vegan options and “lightly-prepared, plant-based dishes” and the resort offers personal health coaching and healing food training.

If you want to get out of your room, just head to one of the eight private riverside healing rooms or the heated Watsu therapy pool.

Inspired vegetarian cuisine in Rome

Treat yourself to inventive dishes like green-pea gazpacho with lightly smoked almond mousse and purple potato chips, tagliolini pasta with vegetarian-carbonara sauce and cannoli with almond-ricotta cheese, or raspberry ice cream and orange sauce, all in the heart of Rome.

As if the food at the vegetarian-focused Raphaël Hotel wasn’t enough to tempt you, Carrara marble bathrooms, a terrace overlooking Roman rooftops, and the hotel’s ivy-covered facade — all just off the Piazza Navona — will have you saying sì bellissimo.

5 Ghanaian dishes that help you control your weight
Eat Well, Live Well

Healthy Ghanaian Dishes

This can be largely attributed to their dietary patterns. You can’t eat ”Junk” food and hit the gym right after to burn those calories only to come back and eat it again. In Ghana, there are a variety of tasty meals and one may just get tempted to eat anything because of hunger and taste. There are a few foods that when taken in satisfactory amounts can help one lose some weight and get into the preferred shape. 

Boiled Plantain with Palava Sauce
Mostly a preserve of many Akan homes, boiled plantain with palava sauce (Kontomire) is a very tasty local dish. It contains several nutrients like potassium and vitamins which aids in metabolism. It is also a very good diversion from the usual banku/kenkey or rice meal that contains a lot of carbohydrates and can easily bloat you. Some call it ”ampesi” but if you happen to be in Ghana and you are looking to check your weight, enjoy it’s great taste and don’t worry about getting fat!

Banku with Pepper and Salmon
At first glance, banku seems a no go area for you if you are seeking to control or lose weight right? Hold your horses! This meal goes with pepper and Salmon. The pepper, when made well with a good amount of onions and tomatoes provides a high amount of vitamins while the salmon has high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins,phosphorus and vitamins as well. Helps to keep your weight in check! Not always fried fish or chicken, if you checking your weight, smoke some salmon and grind some pepper. Your banku is set!

Jollof rice with Fish
The age old debate about ”Ghana Jollof” will never die but while we think about the taste and aroma, let’s remind ourselves that it is a good meal when you are trying to control your weight as well. Especially when you eat your jollof with fish and not chicken or red meat. Even the jollof itself is prepared with a ”sauce” or stew which is often high in vitamins. Ensure to limit the oil usage and accompany the jollof with fresh leaves/salad and some tuna or fish. You can enjoy your favourite food and not worry about the Gym. You will be fine.

”Omotuo” with palm nut soup and tuna
It’s Sunday after church and you can’t wait to get home or to that ”chop bar” to have a feel of the special ”omotuo”. This is basically rice balls. Often accompanied with soup and some fish or meat. However, to ensure that you are not gaining some extra calories, enjoy your omotuo with some palm nut soup and tuna. Avoid lots of red meat or chicken. Groundnut soup is also delicious and can be used as variety but at best, palm nut soup is your go-getter. The soup , which is rich in minerals, vitamins and essential oils is good for our health and should always be preferred over the friend and oily foods that only add up weight.

Boiled Rice/Yam with Garden egg stew
Another alternative to the palava sauce (kontomire). With the popularity of fried rice and chicken or Jollof and chicken, many young people have almost forgotten about this meal. In the not too distant past, garden egg stew was a delicacy to enjoy. Either with boiled yam/plantain or with rice. This is also very good for weight control because of it’s high amounts of manganese, potassium, calcium and dietary fibre. The dietary fibre helps in metabolism and this allows for proper weight control and good health.
Health is wealth and excessive weight gain is only accompanied by lowered self confidence, health problems and extra costs for gyming, medication etc. Prevention is better than cure. Watch what you eat and you will eat happily ever after.

Coffee Addicts Assemble! This Is Why We Love The Kenyan Coffee
Coffee Addicts Assemble! This Is Why We Love The Kenyan CoffeeThe Kenyan coffee is renowned for being one of the best in the world. Take a look at what makes it so perfect.


Coffee Addicts Assemble! This Is Why We Love The Kenyan Coffee

Coffee Addicts Assemble! This Is Why We Love The Kenyan Coffee
Kenyan coffee is one of the best in the World

As the second wave of the pandemic ravages the country, in a gesture of solidarity, the government of Kenya sent over tonnes of coffee, tea and other consumables for our Covid-19 frontline warriors as a means to provide a "refreshing break" during these tough times. The East African country has sent 12 tonnes of its famed coffee and tea products apart from groundnuts that is produced locally, and was handed over to the Indian Red Cross Society. According to the Vice-Chairman (Maharashtra branch) of the Indian Red Cross Society, Homi Khusrokhan, the donation is a symbol of empathy that the country has towards India, which is very re-assuring.

In honour of this sweet gesture, we have compiled a list of reasons of what makes Kenyan coffee so deeply loved by die-hard coffee addicts across the world:

1. Perfect habitat for coffee

Coffee beans thrive in a tropical environment with ample sunshine and a lot of water around. By this definition, Kenya has the perfect growing conditions. The medium to high altitudes, lack of extreme climate and plenty of rainfall throughout the year intensifies the flavour of the coffee.

2. One of the world's five best coffees

Kenyan coffee has a deep flavour owing to its rich body, heavenly aroma and high acidity. Something that is extremely unique to Kenya is their berry undertones. Not just any berry - black currant! The combined flavour with the acidity makes for a delicious cup of joe in the morning, or evening, of course.


3. Immaculate Processing

Kenyan coffee beans are treated with great care. It goes through a wet processing which starts by picking the fruits as soon as they are perfectly ripe. Even this process is done with delicate hands to prevent any bruising. It goes through a sifting process again to discard any damaged coffee cherries from the batch. If it isn't clear already, only the best of the coffee beans make it to the coffee roastery.

4. Grading of beans

The Kenyan coffee beans are graded very strictly. Since the lands produce different kinds and sizes of beans, the grading system helps in keeping these varieties in check. Bigger, thicker and denser beans are a lot more delicious and seasoned coffee drinkers will know that there IS a difference. Thus, the grading system is taken very seriously in Kenya.


There is a reason that Kenyan coffee is known as "the connoisseur's cup". The bold flavours and fruity undertones are almost unmatched. Only the Ethiopian coffee does come close! It is also interesting to note that Kenya as a nation is much more inclined towards tea than coffee. More for us to enjoy then!

What is C. Difficile Infection
How the Infection is Growing in the US

C. difficile infections are at an all-time high.

C. difficile infections are linked to 14,000 deaths in the US each year.
Deaths related to C. difficile increased 400% between 2000 and 2007, due in part to a stronger germ strain.
Most C. difficile infections are connected with receiving medical care.
Almost half of infections occur in people younger than 65, but more than 90% of deaths occur in people 65 and older.
Infection risk generally increases with age; children are at lower risk.
About 25% of C. difficile infections first show symptoms in hospital patients; 75% first show in nursing home patients or in people recently cared for in doctors' offices and clinics.
C. difficile germs move with patients from one health care facility to another, infecting other patients.

Half of all hospital patients with C. difficile infections have the infection when admitted and may spread it within the facility.
The most dangerous source of spread to others is patients with diarrhea.
Unnecessary antibiotic use in patients at one facility may increase the spread of C. difficile in another facility when patients transfer.
When a patient transfers, health care providers are not always told that the patient has or recently had a C. difficile infection, so they may not take the right actions to prevent spread.
C. difficile infections can be prevented.

Early results from hospital prevention projects show 20% fewer C. difficile infections in less than 2 years with infection prevention and control measures.
England decreased C. difficile infection rates in hospitals by more than half in 3 years by using infection control recommendations and more careful antibiotic use.

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