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Rating Corporate Video Conferencing Apps
Who is Still Toping the List


As the race to improve and develop the next generation of Video conferencing Apps heats up, so does

the goal to make it widely available every where. Yet those who are setting better standards for top companies to maintain high resolution and effective support to staff needs in the industry are shaping out to be those who have been around in the technology development for some time, but some new players are making a stamp of progress. Here are the top list as we see it in the industry today

1. GoToMeeting

2. Zoom Meeting

3. Microsoft Teams

4. Blue Jeans

5. Ring Central

6. Intermedia Any Meeting

7. U Meeting

8. Lifesize

The advances in cloud technology means that reliable video conferencing has become accessible and affordable, and can easily serve the modern workplace. This has become especially essential during the current pandemic.

Video conferencing has  enabled many businesses to continue to operate by allowing employees to work from home, using conferencing solutions for meetings and updates, as well as general communications.

Additionally, with increasing concerns about the carbon cost of travel to the environment, it makes sense for companies to seek to continue to communicate face-to-face online rather than indulge in the wasteful cost to the business and environment in having face-to-face meetings in a single location.

However, the same video conferencing software and apps available for business are also available to home users, for keeping up with friends and family. Often the same video conferencing providers will cover both business and home users.

We've therefore covered the best video conferencing software apps - both paid-for and free, and linked through to reviews we've recently carried out.

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Making Your Kid Bully Proof
How A Brazilian Ancient Art Jiu-Jitsu can Help


How BJJ Can Help Make Your Kids Bully Proof



Bullying is a common problem in schools these days. No matter how strict the administration or the community is supportive, the bullies aren’t going anywhere. Bullying can be the worst nightmare for every parent. Getting to know that your child is a bully is even worse than knowing that your child is being bullied at school.


The problem of bullying is not only related to schools anymore. It can happen in your backyard, the playground, or anywhere that you can imagine. Thousands of kids suffer from bullying every day. It might sound bad but if your kids don’t know how to defend themselves then they have more chances of being bullied.


Bullies don’t care about the age of kids, they can even bully someone who just started going to school. Not only this, but bullying is also an emerging problem in high schools and even universities. 


If you are worried about the safety of your kids and wish that they always stay safe from the evil eyes of bullies then you don’t have to worry because that’s where jiu-jitsu steps in.

Top Negative Impacts of Bullying

       Kids Can’t Trust Anyone In Their Lives


Children at school are often bullied by someone who they used to know well. The bullies get to know the weaker side of someone and they are more likely to use it against them. You might not notice it in the early ages but once the kids reach their teenage years, the deep-seated mistrust for people starts to grow.

       Impacts Kid’s Ability To Learn


The kids who are bullied face a hard time learning something, they can’t focus on their studies because they are constantly thinking about how they can be bullied next. Bullying affects the brain receptors negatively. It can lead to the inability to maintain concentration and eventually depression

       Increase In School Drop Outs


When kids are constantly being bullied at school then they are more likely to give up on studies and drop out of school. An increase in school dropouts will eventually result in increasing crimes, illiteracy, and joblessness.

       Leads To Depression and Even Suicide


This is the worst outcome of bullying, kids can end up in severe depression if they are bullied continuously and no one can step in for their help. Depression is a serious mental illness that can have adverse impacts on the overall health of kids. Initially, depressions can lead to drug abuse. But, it can also lead to suicide. Bullies never realize that something they are doing for the sake of fun can end up ending someone’s life.


Benefits of BJJ Against Bullying


BJJ steps in to empower your kids with physical strength and unshakable confidence so they can effectively deal with bullies. Jiu-jitsu teaches to overcome bullies without violence but don’t hesitate to use it when violence is the only option left. So, don’t wait and grab a top-of-the-line BJJ Gi for kids and get them ready to roll on the mat.

Fighting Without Violence


Most of the martial art programs out there rely on striking punches, kicks, knees, and whatever is possible.  But, BJJ teaches children to deal with confrontations without losing their cool. It allows using non-violent techniques for neutralizing the threat and gaining control.


Jiu-jitsu prepares your kids to deal with bullies without actually being a bully themselves. It focuses on discipline, responsibility as well as respect. The kids are always told not to use force until it’s the last option they have got.

Effective Self-Defense Skills


Jiu-jitsu is a self-defensive martial art by its nature. Self-defense is something that will be beneficial for your kids in all walks of life. It’s not only effective for dealing with bullies but also boosts their confidence and gives you total peace of mind knowing that your kids can walk down the street without being bothered by anyone.

Develops Unshakable Confidence


Bullies are most likely to target those kids who lack self-confidence. Jiu-jitsu is effective for developing confidence in children. BJJ practitioners have confidence in themselves that whenever they face any harsh situations, they will be able to defend themselves. It also teaches children to get comfortable with their bodies. Bullies will never engage with a child that is confident because they know that they could give bullies a hard time.

Protecting Their Peers


If your kids have developed the right BJJ skills then they can even protect their peers from bullying. It allows kids to be leaders and helpers. Rather than becoming a bystander and seeing someone being bullied, they take action to stop bullying. BJJ is the only tool your kids will never need to become bully-proof. So, take a step now and enroll your kids in any nearby jiu-jitsu academy.






Americans Are Uniquely Screwed
When Buying Prescription Drugs

Americans Are Uniquely Screwed
When Buying Prescription Drug medications. Medicine in the U.S. costs much more than in any other comparable countries, due largely to the U.S.' dysfunctional health care system.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, people in the U.S. spend more per capita on medicine than any other surveyed OECD country by large margins, at around $1,000 a year per person. The next closest country is Canada at roughly $771 per year, and many other wealthy countries spend less than half of what the U.S. does on a per capita basis.

Part of the reason U.S. consumers pay so much for their drugs is a lack of bargaining power. Other countries with universal health care systems negotiate the price of prescription medication with pharmaceutical companies. But in the U.S., only Medicaid and the Department of Veterans Affairs can do so, leaving Medicare out. Instead, Medicare drug prices are negotiated by insurance companies, which have much less leverage to bring down the price of drugs.

The situation is further complicated by a lack of competition in certain drug markets. Twenty-year patent rights for most newly developed drugs ensure many newer treatments remain expensive and unavailable in generic forms.

These factors, along with several others, combine to lead to Americans paying, on average, much more for the same prescription drugs than any other comparable country.

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