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Monday, July 13, 2020
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Weight Loss Goals
How To Make Progress


Stimulate Your Weight Loss Process

Millions of people suffer from obesity and the many health problems associated it. They have tried numerous diets and weight loss programs, but the results are disappointing. If your weight interferes with your everyday activities and relationships, it's high time to try an individualized approach that may include nutrition, physical activity, behavior change, or medications. An innovative diagnosis and treatment options that may treat for a range of disorders which may be also be responsible for your  increased weight.

Successful Approaches to Enhance Weight Loss Process will Include the Following:

  • Decrease your appetite

  • Increase your metabolism

  • Stop cravings and hunger pangs

  • Balance mineral and vitamin deficiencies

Energy Boosting Injectables – To enhance weight loss and at the same time helps your body adjust, a set of injections may be recommended:

  • Vitamin B12 to increase energy level

  • Lipotropic shots for burning fat

  • Energizer shots for weight loss plateaus

Holistic Treatments = Long Lasting Results

The one secret to long-lasting results of weight loss is to keep a balance of your hormones. Weight gain is the result of imbalance caused by hormones and nutrients. In order to restore and keep a balance of your hormones, adopt these three strategies:

  • Improve Vigor

  • Increase Energy

  • Maintain Weight Loss

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Mental Health Concern After Major Illness
Things You Can Do

Mental Health Concerns

Major Illiness survivors may experience mental health concerns that affect their emotions, behavior, memory, and ability to concentrate. For example, cancer survivors may feel emotional distress like depression or anxiety about their cancer returning. Recent research found that 10% of cancer survivors have mental health concerns, compared with only 6% of adults without a history of cancer.1 Cancer survivors who have other chronic illnesses are more likely to have mental health problems and poorer quality of life.

Fewer than one-third of survivors who have mental health concerns talk to their doctor about them, and many survivors don’t use services like professional counseling or support groups.

What Can Be Done?
•Survivors should talk to their health care providers about their mental health before, during, and after cancer treatment.
•Survivors should talk to their health care providers about mental health screening to check for and monitor changes in anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns.
•Psychologists, social workers, and patient navigators can help survivors find appropriate and affordable mental health and social support services in both hospital and community settings.
•Physical activity has been linked to lower rates of depression among cancer survivors.2

18 Practical Yes Questions You Need Answered
When Selecting A Nursing Home For a Loved One

1. Is the facility Medicare, Medicaid certified?

• Yes

2. Are the care planning meetings held at times that are easy

for residents and their family members to attend?

• Yes

3. Do the hallways have handrails?

• Yes

4. Do rooms and bathrooms have grab bars and call buttons?

• Yes

5. Does the facility have a fresh smell?

• Yes

6. Are residents clean and well groomed?

• Yes

7. Do staff members interact well with residents?

• Yes

8. Does the staff respond quickly to calls for help?

. Yes

9. Is there fresh water available in the rooms?

. Yes

10. Are the residents offered choices of food at mealtimes?

• Yes

11. Are the residents who need assistance eating or drinking

receiving it?

• Yes

12. Are there nutritious snacks available throughout the day

and evening?

• Yes

13. Is the facility an easy place for family and friends to visit?

• Yes

14. Does the nursing home have outdoor areas for residents and help for

residents who want to spend time outside?

• Yes

15. Are the residents allowed to make choices about daily routine

. Yes

16. Are the residents allowed to have personal articles and furniture in

their rooms?

• Yes

17. Is the staff friendly, considerate and helpful?

• Yes

18. Does the facility have a friendly, home-like environment?
• Yes

7 Top States For Registered Nurses Salary
Get The Facts

1. California
Median RN Salary: $100,460

Median Hourly: $48.30

Number of RNs in California: 274,650

Nursing Jobs: View 2,484 of the best paying nursing job opportunities in California now.

2. Hawaii
Median RN Salary: $91,020

Median Hourly: $43.76

Number of RNs in Hawaii: 11,300

3. Oregon
Median RN Salary: $88,010

Median Hourly: $42.32

Number of RNs in Oregon: 35,220

Nursing Jobs: Advance your career in Oregon. See 357 open nursing positions now.

4. Alaska
Median RN Salary: $85,300

Median Hourly: $40.01

Number of RNs in Alaska: 5,570

Nursing Jobs: Advance your career in Alaska. See 215 open nursing positions now.

5. Massachusetts
Median RN Salary: $84,410

Median Hourly: $40.58

Number of RNs in Massachusetts: 20,250

Nursing Jobs: Massachusetts needs nurses like you. Apply now to 779 open nursing jobs.

6. Nevada
Median RN Salary: $83,940

Median Hourly: $40.36

Number of RNs in Nevada: 20,250

Nursing Jobs: There are 179 open nursing jobs in Nevada. Apply now.

7. New York
Median RN Salary: $80,380

Median Hourly: $38.65

Number of RNs in New York: 180,730

Nursing Jobs: View 650 of the best paying nursing job opportunities in New York now.

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