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Monday, February 26, 2024
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Americans Are Uniquely Screwed
When Buying Prescription Drugs

Americans Are Uniquely Screwed
When Buying Prescription Drugs

Americans are uniquely screwed when buying medication. Medicine in the U.S. costs much more than in any other comparable countries, due largely to the U.S.' dysfunctional health care system.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, people in the U.S. spend more per capita on medicine than any other surveyed OECD country by large margins, at around $1,000 a year per person. The next closest country is Canada at roughly $771 per year, and many other wealthy countries spend less than half of what the U.S. does on a per capita basis.

Part of the reason U.S. consumers pay so much for their drugs is a lack of bargaining power. Other countries with universal health care systems negotiate the price of prescription medication with pharmaceutical companies. But in the U.S., only Medicaid and the Department of Veterans Affairs can do so, leaving Medicare out. Instead, Medicare drug prices are negotiated by insurance companies, which have much less leverage to bring down the price of drugs.

The situation is further complicated by a lack of competition in certain drug markets. Twenty-year patent rights for most newly developed drugs ensure many newer treatments remain expensive and unavailable in generic forms.

These factors, along with several others, combine to lead to Americans paying, on average, much more for the same prescription drugs than any other comparable country.

Protecting Your Skin From The Scorching Summer Heat
Dan . Austin MD

How To Protect Your Skin
From The Scorching Heat of Summer - Dan Austin MD

How To Protect Your Skin From The Scorching Heat Of Summer
Often you might have heard the horrifying tale of women who applied essential oils before hitting the tanning beds and ended up with severe chemical burns. Even after months either the skin was in the process of healing from those burns or has not yet started with the healing. These horrifying skin stories may make you question how really do you keep your skin safe especially in the summer months? The best skin doctor in Washington D.C. and their team are ever ready to help the clients on what’s best to skip this summer to protect your glowing skin.
KEEP YOURSELF AWAY FROM THE TANNING BEDS – It might seem to be a tricky task. Whether you are trying to get a “base tan” to start the summer or want a beautiful glow before going on vacation, it is highly advisable to skip the tanning beds. Tanning beds are more dangerous than you think. From the studies it has been revealed that tanning beds emit 15 times more UV radiation than sun exposure, thereby increasing your chances of getting tanned up to an incredible level of 50%. If you are experiencing the same or have been diagnosed, its high time to get in touch with a renowned dermatologist who can look help you get back your glowing skin.
SIMPLY DONT IGNORE THE SUNSCREEN LOTION – This rule is applicable to everyone and anyone. Even if you have never got a sunburn or you have a darker skin, then too sunscreen does more than only preventing you from becoming a lobster on the hottest of days. It protects you from the harmful ultraviolet rays that damage your skin and cause sun spots, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. Tossing the sunscreen out this summer thus increases the risk of above-mentioned skin problems and also makes your skin age faster. Instead, lather up to ensure that your skin is happy and healthy this summer. Years from now your skin will thank you by continuing to look youthful.
FOLLOW THE RITUAL “SAFE SUN” THIS SUMMER – The team of skin doctors in Washington DC always encourage their clients to practice “safe sun” ritual. With “safe sun” they mean wear hats, sun-protective clothing, apply sunscreen and take wise decisions before exposing yourself to sun. Protection and covering yourself from top to bottom might seem to be a hassle in the initial days, but it is no different than brushing your teeth or wearing a seatbelt. It is protecting your skin and ensuring that it will be healthy in the years to come. If you already have sun damage, there are ways to eliminate sun spots, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and brown spots. There are number of treatments available for sun damage including chemical peels, laser treatments, and micro needling.
The main aim of the dermatologists is to make sure that all of their patients take care of their skin every time and especially during the summers in the best possible way. The best skin doctor in Washington DC ensures that the client protects their skin against sun damage and Melanoma. If you already have sun damage, you can search and schedule an initial consultation from the array of doctors available at Healthcare 800 – one stop search engine to address your health issues. Be ready to receive worth satisfying skin care evaluation and discuss the various treatment options for sun damage.

Dan Austin MD
Chief Editor
TTimes World
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Washington, DC USA

7 Top States For Registered Nurses Salary
Get The Facts

1. California
Median RN Salary: $100,460

Median Hourly: $48.30

Number of RNs in California: 274,650

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2. Hawaii
Median RN Salary: $91,020

Median Hourly: $43.76

Number of RNs in Hawaii: 11,300

3. Oregon
Median RN Salary: $88,010

Median Hourly: $42.32

Number of RNs in Oregon: 35,220

Nursing Jobs: Advance your career in Oregon. See 357 open nursing positions now.

4. Alaska
Median RN Salary: $85,300

Median Hourly: $40.01

Number of RNs in Alaska: 5,570

Nursing Jobs: Advance your career in Alaska. See 215 open nursing positions now.

5. Massachusetts
Median RN Salary: $84,410

Median Hourly: $40.58

Number of RNs in Massachusetts: 20,250

Nursing Jobs: Massachusetts needs nurses like you. Apply now to 779 open nursing jobs.

6. Nevada
Median RN Salary: $83,940

Median Hourly: $40.36

Number of RNs in Nevada: 20,250

Nursing Jobs: There are 179 open nursing jobs in Nevada. Apply now.

7. New York
Median RN Salary: $80,380

Median Hourly: $38.65

Number of RNs in New York: 180,730

Nursing Jobs: View 650 of the best paying nursing job opportunities in New York now.

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