Assorted Dreams and Nightmares
Don't Sleep on it by Adams Ibrahim


“Dreams and Assorted Nightmares” – S S Hassan

Abubakar Adam Ibrahim’s Dreams and Assorted Nightmares reads like a voyage into a Stephen King world – reality with a twist of terror.
But Mr. Ibrahim writes like a hair maker deftly plaiting perfect cornrows laced with a dark weave. He is a performer as much as a storyteller and each word, sentence, paragraph, story is an act dramatised on the stages of our imagination.
Dreams and Assorted Nightmares is a collection of short stories like a bunch of fruits on a single tree or even a bunch of bananas or a cluster of grapes; as the stories share a base from which they sprout to enwrap us in the sweet melancholy of dreams and nightmares that Abubakar Adam Ibrahim stitches together like a masterful dreamcatcher.
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