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Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Digital Transformation in Healthcare
Fairfax Virginia IT Group

HealthCare800 Brings Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Sector in the US
Fairfax, Virginia: Improving the quality of healthcare and access to healthcare while controlling costs, Heathcare800 has taken a step forward by bringing digital transformation in the healthcare sector in the US. HeathCare800 is a one stop search engine to look for doctors and specialists in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland, such as gastroentrologists, opthalmologists, orthopedic doctors and more. It is a perfect platform to connect clients and patients with everything they need to take good care of themselves and their family - assessing health issues, finding the right doctor, booking diagnostic tests, obtaining medicines, storing health records or learning new ways to live healthier.
With Healthcare800 digital transformation, anybody can find a doctor in their city, schedule an appointment online, and communicate with them securely. The advanced search option and communication portal of helps you choose a competent healthcare service provider to get help right away. Healthcare providers can also harness the power of Healthcare800 as the definitive platform that helps them build their presence, grow establishments and engage patients more deeply than ever. To avail the best services, all you have to do is choose a category (Doctor, Hospitals, Facilities, Dentist, and Fitness Center). Once you are directed to the new page, fill in your state, city or town and the specialty you are looking for. The search results will bring forth the list of best specialists in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia such as gastroenterology specialist, orthopedic doctor, dentist and more. Thereafter, you can proceed to make an appointment instantly online and Healthcare800 will confirm the appointment by email and or text message.
A senior officer at Healthcare800 commented, “Our goal is to link our users with the most qualified and readily available healthcare professionals, health facilities, hospitals, health businesses of their need at the nearest zip code or address area of their search.” Further he said, “We pre-qualify and support our providers to make pharmacy prescriptions, appointment reminders, diagnostic services more efficient, while reducing appointment and services wait time.”
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Located in Fairfax, Virginia, HealthCare800 is leading healthcare platform that connects millions of patients with hundreds of thousands of healthcare providers and helps people make better healthcare decisions. It is a singular platform that helps consumers with all their healthcare requirements – from finding the healthcare provider to booking an appointment, and online doctor consultation. It also help healthcare providers, ranging from clinics to hospitals, digitize and deliver more efficient and higher quality healthcare to millions of patients every day. It continues to be dedicated to centering healthcare around the consumer and helping billions of people live healthier longer lives.
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Sports Related Brain Injuries
Facts and Cases Reported

Sports-Related Recurrent Brain Injuries

An estimated 300,000 sports-related traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) of mild to moderate severity (1), most of which can be classified as concussions (i.e., conditions of temporarily altered mental status as a result of head trauma), occur in the United States each year. The proportion of these concussions that are repeat injuries is unknown; however, there is an increased risk for subsequent TBI among persons who have had at least one previous TBI (2,3). Repeated mild brain injuries occurring over an extended period (i.e., months or years) can result in cumulative neurologic and cognitive deficits (4,5), but repeated mild brain injuries occurring within a short period (i.e., hours, days, or weeks) can be catastrophic or fatal. The latter phenomenon, termed "second impact syndrome," has been reported more frequently since it was first characterized in 1984 (6-8). This report describes two cases of second impact syndrome and presents recommendations developed by the American Academy of Neurology to prevent recurrent brain injuries in sports and their adverse consequences (9). Case Reports

Case 1. During October, a 17-year-old high school football player was tackled on the last play of the first half of a varsity game and struck his head on the ground. During halftime intermission, he told a teammate that he felt ill and had a headache; he did not tell his coach. He played again during the third quarter and received several routine blows to his helmet during blocks and tackles. He then collapsed on the field and was taken to a local hospital in a coma. A computed tomography (CT) brain scan revealed diffuse swelling of the brain and a small subdural hematoma. He was transferred to a regional trauma center, where attempts to reduce elevated intracranial pressure were unsuccessful, and he was pronounced brain dead 4 days later. Autopsy revealed diffuse brain swelling, focal areas of subcortical ischemia, and a small subdural hematoma.

Case 2. During August, a 19-year-old college football player reported headache to family members after a full-contact practice during summer training. During practice the following day, he collapsed on the field approximately 2 minutes after engaging in a tackle. He was transported to a nearby trauma center, where a CT scan of the head showed diffuse brain swelling and a thin subdural hematoma. Attempts to control the elevated intracranial pressure failed, and he was pronounced brain dead 3 days later. Autopsy revealed the brain to be diffusely swollen with evidence of cerebrovascular congestion and features of temporal lobe herniation.

Summary of Related Data

The true incidence of second impact syndrome is unknown. During 1984-1991, four cases were described, and during 12 months, a total of 17 cases were described; most cases have involved male adolescents or young adults and involved participation in boxing, football, ice hockey, and snow skiing (8). Combined data from four states (Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Utah) during indicated an annual rate of 2.6 cases per 100,000 population of sports-related TBI that resulted in hospitalization or death; the proportion attributable to second impact syndrome is unknown.

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