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Sunday, October 21, 2018
Washington, DC, USA


Latest Trends and Advancements in Health Care
Role of Technology

Till date finding gaps in care is a tedious task and many providers face challenges in identifying them. Clinical data analysis has helped providers plan carefully, set benchmarks and monitor their performance. A study revealed that the use of data analytics could help save more than $300 billion in U.S. healthcare, apart from making information flow transparent and creating a value chain in healthcare.

Lately, there have been several developments in technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and wearable technologies that have not only been disruptive but also have the potential to change the face of healthcare in 2017 and transform the vision of population health management. Healthcare veterans believe that the road to population health is an unpaved but a long one, and is bigger than anything else. It needs:

– Coordination among Healthcare teams,

– Transition to Value,

– Disruptive Technology changing the way Healthcare Organizations deliver care.

Standoff Between Madrid and Catalonia
Geroge Isereteli


European Union Must Defuse
George Tsereteli / @giotsereteli4

The time has come for the European Union (EU) to push for a peaceful resolution to the standoff between Madrid and the Catalan separatists. [...] The EU must step in as a mediator, not to force its agenda on negotiations, but to maintain the peace and help restore credibility and trust between the sides. Otherwise, the Union risks the erosion of the values it purports to be built upon.

The North Korea Nuclear Threat and US Missile Defense
Where Does This Go From Here

Matthew Kroenig / @kroenig

In order to effectively address the growing tensions posed by North Korean nuclear capabilities, Washington needs a comprehensive strategy that will include a range of efforts, including, importantly, strengthened homeland missile defenses.

Last week, US President Donald J. Trump, referring to the North Korean missile threat, claimed that “we have missiles that can knock out a missile in the air 97 percent of the time, and if you send two of them, it’s going to get knocked out.” This comment led to a flurry of criticism of the president’s statement and of US missile defense policy in general. However, the critics, who point to technical problems and high costs and oppose improved missile defenses, miss the mark.

Victoria Becham - Eyes on the Mark
Setting Target Goals

Victoria Becham To Star in More Movies
After Huge Success in Animated Box Office Hit

Victoria Becham's dream of making it onto the silver screen looks set to become a firm reality. after Starring in Madagascar 3. She is set to appear in the newest installment of a new box office.

The Madagascar which followed the main character, Alex the Lion (voiced by Ben Stiller) and pals (David Schwimmer, Chris Rock) as they travel through Europe in an attempt to make it home to their zoo in New York, has given the Becham an open door to her dreams. Beckham’s character has yet to be revealed but it’s expected that she’ll be able to bring plenty of her own personality to the role. Whats next for the keen eyed talent .....

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