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Sunday, October 21, 2018
Washington, DC, USA


Health Care Careers Most in Demand
Look Carefully Before You commit Your Life

The career profiles in Order of demands and availability of jobs.

•1 – Medical Assistant. ...
•2 – Nursing Assistant. ...
•3 – Home Health Aide. ...
•4 – Licensed Practical Nurse. ...
•5 – Physician. ...
•6 – Therapist. ...
•7 – Registered Nurse. ...
•8 – Pharmacy Technician.

Sample of Median income for some fields
•Nurse Anesthetists, Nurse Midwives and Nurse Practitioners. ..$110,000.
•Optometrists. Median salary: $100,000. ...
•Physician Assistants. Median salary: $95,000. ...
•Physical Therapists. Median salary: $82,000. ...
•Radiation Therapists. Median salary: $80,000. ...
•Occupational Therapists. Median salary: $78,000.
. Medical Assistants - $28,000

Americans Are Uniquely Screwed
When Buying Prescription Drugs

Americans Are Uniquely Screwed
When Buying Prescription Drugs

Americans are uniquely screwed when buying medication. Medicine in the U.S. costs much more than in any other comparable countries, due largely to the U.S.' dysfunctional health care system.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, people in the U.S. spend more per capita on medicine than any other surveyed OECD country by large margins, at around $1,000 a year per person. The next closest country is Canada at roughly $771 per year, and many other wealthy countries spend less than half of what the U.S. does on a per capita basis.

Part of the reason U.S. consumers pay so much for their drugs is a lack of bargaining power. Other countries with universal health care systems negotiate the price of prescription medication with pharmaceutical companies. But in the U.S., only Medicaid and the Department of Veterans Affairs can do so, leaving Medicare out. Instead, Medicare drug prices are negotiated by insurance companies, which have much less leverage to bring down the price of drugs.

The situation is further complicated by a lack of competition in certain drug markets. Twenty-year patent rights for most newly developed drugs ensure many newer treatments remain expensive and unavailable in generic forms.

These factors, along with several others, combine to lead to Americans paying, on average, much more for the same prescription drugs than any other comparable country.

Two Fabulous Villas
For Summer Get Away

Two Fabulous Villas For Summer Get Away
Think of a Tropical Paradise Get Away

Fabulous Villa Rentals in Lovely Locales

With the Christmas holidays behind us, and chilly temperatures across most of the U.S. and Europe, I thought a little warm-weather family vacation nudge might be appreciated! Renting a villa with friends and/or family is such fun—and can be so carefree when the villa is staffed. Breakfast in your pajamas, lounging by your own private pool, games and books in your own living room ... it's cosy & delightful.

With spectacular views, sparkling pools, breezy terraces for alfresco dining & in-house staff to take care of all the details—plus special offers that make them all the more "worth it"—these five top-notch private villas from Hawaii to Tuscany and Costa Rica will help take your mind off the winter chill ...

Bali Hale | A 4-bedroom spacious villa on Maui, set on a five-acre private estate with uninterrupted views of the Pacific Ocean. Perfect for an intimate wedding or a getaway with friends or family.

Moonrakers | A 6-suite beachfront retreat on the Caribbean island of Anguilla—chic & stylish with a stunning pool and terrace plus spectacular views to neighboring St Barth's and St Maarten.

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